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The New Covid World

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Keeping Us Safe in the New Reality.

The Covid World is upon us, and we at Hawthorn Coffee, having reopened for takeaway only, are doing everything we can to keep us all safe. Our temporary hours are 7-2 everyday.

In order to minimize contact in ordering and pickup, we have stationed a greeting table at the front door to serve you to maximize the safety and health of our baristas and our customers. There are no self-service accessories or condiments, and our baristas will pour the requested amount of milk or alternative milk for you. We are disinfecting in-shop, cleaning our touchscreen point-of-sale frequently, but for additional protection we're supplying wax paper for customers to wrap their fingers with before interacting with the touchscreen (thanks to Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters in SF for the idea!). At this point, we will be accepting cards, ApplePay, and online ordering only.

Also, we've installed a plexiglass screen above our counter to minimize risks to health and safety for both our baristas and our customers. As per SD County Health Dept regulations, please wear a mask when approaching the ordering counter. If you wish to not wear a mask, online ordering is available.

Through this crisis, we've made a commitment to our employees to keep us all safe. Although the city has opened restrictions for restaurants/cafes to return to indoor seating, at the moment, we will stay with our model of takeaway only. At Hawthorn Coffee, we will go forward in this ever-changing reality as a family and team that we are. All decisions about altering our service model will arise from our commitment to support their decisions and choices about how we proceed collectively and individually.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your continued understanding and support during this uncertain time.

We truly love and appreciate everyone of you!!

Dylan and Kevin

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