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What We Stand For

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

In this New World of shutdowns, forced in-home solitude, interruptions of patterns, lack of physical contact (and the fears of the unknown "other" infecting/harming us it engenders), and the subsequent and impossible-to-resist re-assessment of What Really Matters in life for each of us, we declare our commitment to the Stand Against Racism and the Black Lives Matter movement exploding across the globe. We at Hawthorn Coffee have been proud of our community, of the diversity it represents, and the tolerance, support, and love it has shown to the equal rights and treatment of all.

When we first opened, one of our early t-shirts was the coffee people shirt shown above. We chose to open a shop because of our love of coffee. But our intention and mission has always been, in all things, People First. We love coffee, but we love people much, much more. The larger font is our subtle way of expressing that. We should have said all this long ago. The time for subtlety and staying quiet is over. Without an all-inclusive community, we are nothing. Without acceptance and love-for-all, we destitute and deny only ourselves and become even less than that.

In these turbulent times, we greatly and eagerly look forward to all the ways We The People will go forward, not back, to the New World our Hearts know we can create.

In Solidarity and with Great Love,

All of us at Hawthorn

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