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We designed and built the shop with one intent in mind: to create the most complete coffee experience we could.  For us, coffee shops are not only about the pursuit of mind-blowing flavor.  We enjoy and revel in many aspects of the delicious: Tantalizing conversations. The freedom of an open and inviting atmosphere.  The power of the simple, subtle, and sublime.  In all people, and in all things.

Come relax with us.  Chat with us.  Indulge yourself, and your friends.  We live for the merry and the mayhem of a real good time.

To get that, and a great cup of coffee, we have learned not to shy away from the discord and diversity, but to find a ways to highlight and harmonize them.  That's the balance we celebrate and strive for.


Compa Coffee Roasters is our small-batch roasting division, dedicated to furthering the craft of ridiculously delicious specialty coffee.  Our roasting philosophy is simple; we source amazing product and roast in such a way that allows the beauty of coffee to speak for itself.  Our mission is to enhance, not overpower, the exquisite natural flavors that coffee can be.  


From the Press


Hawthorn Coffee is the son-and-father team of Dylan and Kevin Redmond.  We spent years imagining what this might be, a whole year designing and building it, and hopefully many years of serving and celebrating it with you. Dylan, for most of his adult life, worked in hospitality managing coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.  Kevin is a spiritual healer, counselor, community leader, and home-grown espresso snob.  Both of us love to help create, support, and be part of community.  Coffee is our passion. But, for us, it's always people first. Without the heart and soul of community, what are we?

Hawthorn would not exist without our terrific team: General Manager, chef, calligrapher extraordinaire and lead barista Natalie Florey; 

Director of Coffee, photographer and barista J Freedman, barista Will Bess, and barista Trevor Eide..  






Lené C. San Diego

"If you haven't been here, you are missing out on one of San Diego's greatest gems. Their coffee in on point, but, let's be honest, THEIR TOAST!!! My Lord! Everything this place serves is like an orgasmic flavor explosion. You have to try this place. Ok, don''t have to.  NEED to.


Adam R. San Diego

"Ohhhh boy! This place is awesome. First the service is top notch.  Small place but clean and comfy.
I got the Broadside Cold Brew with vanilla and oat milk. One of the BEST cold brews I've ever had. Maybe the best and I'm a coffee guy. It's on Adams so parking ain't great but well worth it. Go here!
Oh, also they use paper straws.


Mike K. Los Angeles

Alright. No joke. Best coffee shop in town. Dead Serious.

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