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This coffee comes to us from a small town called Dumerso, just around the bend from Yirgacheffe. It’s processed at a private mill owned by the Birhanu family and co-managed by a brother-sister team: Mahder runs the mill and her brother Surafel leads the export arm of the business. Their coffee has made many appearances on the Crown Jewel menu in the past; their quality is a well known quantity, so to speak.

Dumerso is located within the iconic Yirgacheffe district, in Gedeo. We see so many coffees from Gedeo (the larger “zone”) labelled Yirgacheffe, it can get a little confusing disambiguating. Part of the reason for this is that Gedeo’s cooperative union operates under the name Yirgacheffe (YCFCU)… but technically speaking Yirgacheffe woreda (district or town) is just one of many such localized districts within Gedeo.


It has a gentle sweetness to it, powdered sugar and honey, with a mellow acidity including white peach, melon, and lemon bar. It’s an easy-going coffee with the slightest wisp of florality to it, and effortlessly clean. Pairs well with cool evenings equally as well as brisk mornings, and we’re delighted with its performance as espresso.

Some say decaf drinkers are the purest of heart of all coffee lovers — there’s no psychoactive incentive for consumption. You’ll have to be the judge for yourself, but if this example were less the exception and more the rule, I’d be entirely convinced.

Swiss Water Decaf - Ethiopia Dumerso Natural

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